Dynamic Lockable Gripple 6mm (2 per pack)

Part No. 719-D6

Create secure, overhead spans by running high strength 3mm wire rope between two fixing points. Ideal for applications where no direct vertical anchor point is available. Visually discreet and lightweight. Can be fitted retrospectively. No tools needed to install. Comes with hex locking and release key. For vertical suspensions up to 500 kg. Cams lock solidly in place, even at angles up to 60 Degrees. 2 per pack. £23.85 plus carr and VAT

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Dynamic Lockable Gripple 6mm (2 per pack)

Common Applications:

Suspension Wire

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Product Information

Industrial method to make a secure loop on a wire rope without tools.

Key Features:

  • Part of the Gripple family of wire rope fittings which enable a loop to be put on a wire rope without tools.

Technical Information

Dynamic Lockable Gripple 6mm (2 per pack)
Part No. S.W.L.
719-D6 Strength 500 Kg

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