Galvanised Catenary Wire

We manufacture and stock a range of catenary wire and fittings.

The wire is made out of mild steel, spec. EN 10257 then heavily galvanised EN 10244 Class A then 7 stranded to the correct size. You end up with a strong soft strand suitable for use as a catenary wire.

This wire can be used as a support wire to carry electric cables across gaps, as a seizing wire as well as a support wire for trees and masts.

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Galvanised Catenary Wire

Common Applications:

Military Wire

Suspension Wire

Common Sectors:



Technical Information

The sizes stocked are between 1.7mm, 2.6mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4.75mm to 6mm. The range of fittings include wire rope grips, straining screw with hook and eye, thimbles D-shackles, straining eyebolts with nut and washer, wall plates, rawhide suspenders.

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