Braided Wire Rope
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Whatever your need, if wire is the answer, we can usually supply it.

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Braided Wire Rope
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We are a specialist wire and braid manufacturer and supplier.

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Braided Wire Rope
Bespoke Wire Solutions

From suspension lighting to art installations, our wire has many applications.

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Experience & Expertise
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Making Wires since 1793

Wire Applications

As a specialist wire manufacturer and supplier, we are frequently called upon to provide solutions for what could be considered unconventional applications. But if wire is the answer, we can usually supply it.

We are not only a source of wire but also a source of expertise.

We have worked with the special effects departments of many film and TV production companies. So if you have ever wondered what really makes 'Thunderbirds Go', it's often Ormiston wire!

Our wire ropes are used to tether goats and other animals, so the space they have to roam is not too free range. We even supply wire to prevent moss growing on roofs.

For us, no specification is too large, too small, or too unlikely.

Wire suspension applications form a major part of our business. We supply and manufacture specialist wire for a diverse range of uses and installations, particularly in the retail sector.

Main uses include hanging systems, whether for shelving, lighting, banners, or signs. But we can supply for any use where a low stretch, strong, small diameter flexible cable is required. We also supply control cables for electronic, medical, scientific and fishing applications.

Specialised systems held in stock include the Gripple Rope Grip, a self-locking system which completely eliminates the need for traditional devices. We also stock Superclamps, an instantly-adjustable micro-cable fitting system.

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Case study

British Antarctic Survey

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is a component of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). Based in Cambridge in the UK, it has undertaken the majority of Britain's scientific research on and around the Antarctic continent for over 60 years.
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Case study

British Rowing

Named after and officially opened in 2006 by the Olympic rowers Sir Steve Redgrave and Sir Matthew Pinsent, this lake was specifically designed for training use. It is situated in South Oxfordshire, between the Reading suburb of Caversham and the village of Sonning Eye.
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We are a Specialist Wire and Braid Manufacturer and Supplier - whatever your need, if wire is the answer, we can usually supply it.


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