Perhaps a less obvious use of industrial wire and braid products is in art and sculpture. Yet we have supplied materials for many highly-acclaimed artistic installations throughout the UK.

These are typically found in the atria of modern buildings, or as a feature in urban landscapes, or as a creative statement in their own right.

Over the years, Ormiston has worked with artists and sculptors, exploring ever more inventive ways of using industrial wire and braid as an artistic material. In many instances we have been involved at the very beginning of the creative process, suggesting the ideal type of material to meet the required visual effect and to advise on weight and durability tolerances.

We also supply wire for the suspension of art.

Some of the landmark art installations we have been involved with are featured here.

'Bleigiessen' by Thomas Heatherwick Bleigiessen by Thomas Heatherwick
'Flight' by Suki Chan 'Flight' by Suki Chan