Superclamps are an instantly adjustable high quality microcable fitting system. No tools are needed, simply press the button and each clamp can be moved up or down to a new position where it becomes instantly locked.

They take cable between 1.20mm and 2.0mm, 7 x 7 construction stainless steel. Strength depends on the fittings used. Capable of supporting not less than 30kgs, they are ideal for shelving, track lighting systems, pictures or product display. In fact, anything that needs attractive instant cable adjustment.

The cable is cut and threaded onto the Superclamp which is moved to the desired position. Fine adjustment could not be easier.

With the wide variety of ceiling fittings and clamp attachments, every possible situation can be covered. We also stock a wide range of microcables and wire ropes in stainless steel suitable for all makes of cable systems.

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