Ormiston Wire celebrates the Bard with latest sculpture

Ormiston Wire Helping Create Shakespeare CelebrationThe indelible mark that Shakespeare has left on society never quite fades, but every now and again it becomes more visible. As we mark the 400th anniversary of the prolific poet and playwright’s death, discussions about his influence have dominated the media and further cemented his place in the firmament of British culture.

Prince Charles joined a host of actors who played Hamlet to deliver his comical variation on the “To be or not to be” speech. Sir Ian McKellen gave a lecture to a packed BFI film theatre to describe the impact that Shakespeare has had on his life. David Tennant (himself an alumnus of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)) even appeared on US talk shows to discuss the virtues of language in Shakespeare, who coined over 1700 words in his lifetime.

Wiring For All Time

But acting legends and royalty aren’t the only people who’ve had a hand in celebrating the great Bard – we’ve been helping in our unique way.

This year we worked with the RSC to supply wiring and ferules for a new art piece to be situated in the freshly-restored Grade II-listed Swan Wing.

The piece, entitled For All Time and designed by Steven Follen, consists of 2000 stainless steel stars which make the shape of a large human face and is suspended using fine wires which we provided. According to Creative Boom, the three-dimensional artwork contains an “ethereal quality” as it gently reflects light and quietly hangs above the room.

Delivering quality for the Swan Wing

The Swan Wing has been a part of a nine month restoration project, and was made possible by a £2.8 million award from the Heritage Lottery Fund. We’re proud to have been involved in such a prestigious undertaking to commemorate this venerable writer.

We’ve always prided ourselves on the quality and versatility of our products, and this work by Steven Follen is only one example of our foray into the arts. To find out more about our products, explore our site and check out what we can offer you.

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(Photo taken by Andrew Fox)