Ormiston supplies wire for new Supermarionation documentary film

Ormiston Wire power the Tunderbirds

Ormiston Wire has revealed how it provided wire for a new documentary film about Gerry and Sylvia Anderson fifty years after providing innovative wire for the iconic children’s television show ‘Thunderbirds’. The company supplied the makers of the documentary, titled ‘Filmed in Supermarionation’, with wire for the filming of new ‘Thunderbirds’ sequences.

Ormiston Wire was initially approached by AP Films in the 1960s to help solve the technical issues in filming marionettes for the original ‘Thunderbirds’ show. The innovative solution was a very thin yet durable metal wire filament to manipulate the puppets, which was darkened so there was no reflection, therefore making it as invisible as possible. Ormiston developed, manufactured and supplied a chemically darkened 0.125mm diameter wire, which was used throughout the series until the Andersons moved into live-action productions in the early Seventies.

‘Filmed in Supermarionation’ uses unseen archive footage, new interviews and clips from the shows to tell the story of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s legendary TV productions in greater depth than ever before. Directed and produced by Stephen La Rivière, the definitive documentary presents the story of how series such as ‘Thunderbirds’, ‘Stingray’ and ‘Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons’ were brought to audiences around the world using pioneering puppetry techniques and special effects.

“‘Thunderbirds’ is an iconic British television series and is loved by different generations across the globe,” said Mark Ormiston, Managing Director at Ormiston wire. “We were delighted to support the production of this documentary film fifty years after we first provided Gerry and Sylvia Anderson with wire for the marionettes.”

‘Filmed in Supermarionation’ will premiere at the BFI later this year ahead of a general release in autumn 2014. To watch sneak previews of the documentary, please click here.

Further information on Ormiston’s contribution to the original series of ‘Thunderbirds’ can be viewed by clicking here.