Ormiston locking and seizing wire saves leisure mariners money

Ormiston Wire’s vast range of locking and seizing wires is enabling owners of leisure vessels to protect boats and minimise maintenance. With Ormiston locking and seizing wire in the chandlery, sailors can rely on a robust, non-rust solution with an exceptionally long lifespan, saving money and enhancing performance.

Mariners can stop shackles from coming undone by threading wire through them and Ormiston’s locking and seizing wire has proved to be a successful means of providing this security for decades. In the 1950s Ormiston Wire recognised the need for stainless steel in the leisure marine trade in order to reduce the corrosion that was causing expensive damage to yachts and boats. In the process, the firm developed a grade of stainless steel known as ‘Ormarine’ that overcame common faults caused by prolonged contact with damp wood and rope and was widely welcomed by leisure marine customers. More recently, Ormiston Wire stainless steel cable has been supplied to rowing venues such as Redgrave Pinsent Training Lake where the Olympians trained ahead of the London 2012 Olympics.

Ormiston’s stainless steel locking wire is available in a range of sizes made from DTD 189A and 316 grade. Wire manufactured in corrosion-resistant Monel metal is available in .9 mm diameter on 10-metre spools that are ideally sized for the sailor’s toolkit. 0.5kg reels are available to buy online, while bulk discounts and other reel sizes are also available. Ormiston Wire can also produce locking wires and seizing wires in a whole range of materials if required.