Celebrating Our Special Connection with Brunel University

Brunel University - Ormiston Wire Partnership“We’ve always maintained a special relationship with universities and the students studying at them, providing them with the materials they need to create ambitious art projects or civil engineering feats.
But we can offer a lot more than fantastic wiring to the next generation of people on the employment ladder. With our wealth of experience and high-profile contacts, we can provide valuable industry experience for anyone with an interest in engineering and design.

That’s exactly what we’ve done in partnership with Brunel University, helping students in engineering and design enjoy our wellspring of advice and promote fresh ideas in the wiring industry.

A Very Special Tour

Students of the university came to visit the Ormiston Wire factory, in a tour which gave students insight into every facet of the wire-making process. The tour itself began with a presentation from Mark Ormiston, Managing Director of Ormiston Wire, who later pointed out that, “Ormiston never stands still. We are always looking for new opportunities to exploit our tried and proven technology in novel ways.

“Our partnership with Brunel University was yet another way to push innovation while supporting the next generation of product designers. We were all very impressed with the results.”

Returning The Favour

The tour itself was met with a positive response, so much so that Nigel FitzHugh, Director of Ormiston Wire, and Mark Ormiston were invited to Brunel’s School of Engineering and Design to see the occasionally ingenious ways in which students used wiring in their craft.

We’re always looking to the future, which is why we’ll continue to strengthen our bond between ourselves and students — and ensure that our materials are versatile enough to facilitate even the most left-of-centre ideas thought up by students.