• Sustainable Development: How Our Pioneering Policies Are Being Noticed

    For more than 30 years, our watchwords have been ‘safety’ and ‘sustainability’ – and it looks like our pioneering attitude is finally being appreciated.

    Our place as forerunners in the world of sustainable development was further cemented when Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, paid us a visit to learn about how we’ve made our business friendlier for our staff and the environment.

    What he found on his visit (which was broadcast via Facebook Live) was a handful of happy workers working in a self-sustaining, environmentally conscious factory.

    Less work, higher productivity

    Simple pragmatism led us to enact a shorter working week 30 years ago. On a Friday afternoon every payday, we noticed that our employees enjoyed a drink with their wages, then would return to operate equipment in evenings while under the influence.

    Needless to say, this was a bigger health and safety hazard than even the 1970s would allow, so we decided to give our employees the afternoon off every Friday.

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  • Ormiston Wire delights The Project Group with donation

    The Project Group wire projectOrmiston Wire, the global expert in wire and specialist applications, has recently donated a selection of its steel wire to The Project Group, a creative arts social enterprise based in Shropshire, for use at Hope House Children’s Hospice.

    The 0.71 mild galvanised steel wire and 2mm mild steel wire produced and donated by Ormiston Wire have been used by members of The Project Group to make sculptures of animals, bugs and birds that live near or in trees. The sculptures are to be used to decorate trees on the roundabout outside the children’s hospice.

    The Project Group supports members that are in touch with mental health services by running art projects in an environment that enables individuals to flourish, make decisions and build self-belief and confidence. The art and sculptures created by the members make up a retail range traded by the group, while the majority of work commissioned is for the public and private sector.

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  • British artist brings wire birds to life at Hampton Court Flower Show

    British artist Barbara Franc has created a stunning display of Great British birds using steel wire produced by Ormiston Wire. The unique exhibition will be among an array of artistry on show at this year’s prestigious Hampton Court Flower Show.

    Barbara transforms old into new by combining recycled and discarded materials with strong and reliable Ormiston wire to create a unique variety of sculpted birds and animals. Barbaraís small flock of life-sized British birds includes Great Tits, Greenfinches, Kingfishers, Robins, among others. The display will be exhibited at Hampton Court Flower Show by One Church Street Gallery.

    The armatures for the birds being exhibited at the flower show are made with Ormiston Wire’s 0.71 mild galvanised steel wire and the twigs that they perch on are prepared using Ormistonís 2mm black annealed mild steel wire. The wire is strong enough to keep the shape of the birds and hold the weight of the recycled decorative materials, while malleable enough for Barbara to easily make ongoing changes to the shape of the three-dimensional sculptures.

    “I have been a customer of Ormiston Wire for quite a few years now,” said Barbara. “The mild galvanised wire that Ormiston Wire provides is always beautifully clean and totally free of any blemish. This is very important as I solder tin pieces onto the wire armature and this requires clean surfaces for the solder to properly adhere to.”

    Inspired by the shapes and sculptural forms of animals, Barbara’s distinctive artwork has been exhibited in galleries across the country and recently featured at the famous Chelsea Flower Show. To see more of Barbara Francís sculptures, please go to barbarafranc.co.uk

    Hampton Court Flower Show is the worldís largest annual flower show and features stunning show gardens, floral marquees and pavilions, and a selection of talks and demonstrations. This year the flower show takes place on 8-13 July 2014.

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  • Ormiston Wire develops process for soft platinum wire braid


    Ormiston Wire has overcome the challenge of processing the soft metal palladium, offering a new high-strength wire option to its customers using exotic metal. The process is one of many recent innovations from Ormiston, which can call on a wealth of in-house experience and knowledge to meet customer demand.

    Ormiston Wire’s enviable experience at arriving at solutions for almost any application and material specification was put to the test when an export order for a new client included a request for wire braid made of palladium, a shiny, soft, silver-white metal that belongs to the platinum group.

    Palladium is the least dense of the platinum-group of metals and has the lowest melting point. It is soft and ductile when annealed and greatly increases its strength and hardness when it is cold-worked. Ormiston Wire embraced the challenge, swiftly producing a prototype sample that met the customer’s specifications.

    As a highly-admired specialist within the business, Ormiston Wire is frequently approached to provide solutions to unusual or particularly exacting wire and braid applications, often working with exotic metals. Ormiston is also highly experienced in sourcing metals and ensuring they meet the requisite quality standards, and are competitively priced.

    “Being asked to produce wire from such a soft material as palladium might, to some people, appear to be an odd or at least a daunting request,” says Mark Ormiston, Managing Director, Ormiston Wire. “But to us it was just another challenge. Every client has its own unique challenges to face; and it’s our job to help them meet those challenges.”

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