• 225 Years Of Wiring Excellence – How We’ve Stayed Successful For Two Centuries

    Happy anniversary to us!

    We’ve spent two-and-a-quarter centuries creating the best and most diverse array of wiring products we can, all while remaining forward-thinking in our working practices.

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  • Ormiston Wire: Our Commitment To Sustainable Development


    After President Trump’s controversial exit from the Paris accord, it was heartening to see how quickly business leaders from around the world voiced their concerns and disapproval.

    Sustainable-Development-Ormiston-WireIndustry may not have always had the cleanest environmental record, but the recent outrage is a clear sign that change is already well under way.

    As is certainly the case at Ormiston Wire, where a comprehensive environmental policy has long been at the heart of our business.

    In light of the current political climate, it’s more important than ever to reaffirm and share our commitment to sustainable development.

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  • Ormiston Wire: Creating An Industry Golden Age Today

    Over the past 50 years, the strength of industry has unquestionably weakened.

    Where factories once stood side by side, now only a few remain. Where everyone in a household had some stake in the local steel mill or manufacturing plant, now most people earn their daily crust from office or retail jobs.

    Which is why it’s important to always have a stake in the past, a person who can still recall the golden age when manufacturing industries were at their peak.
    Our oldest and most long-standing

    We’re lucky enough to have someone in the Ormiston Wire family who’s lived through these glory days. Mick Gevaux began working with us when he was just 14, and has lived through five decades of industry changes, experiencing the prosperous times and the turbulent ones.

    Now aged 67, Mick is the perfect analogy for Ormiston Wire’s working practices – steady, reliable and always there for you, no matter the health of the manufacturing industries in Britain.

    During the time that Mick’s spent with us, we’ve maintained a successful company that’s elevated in reputation as time has gone by. And as we move into 2017, we’ll remain in rude health for a long time to come.



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  • Exceeding Expectations: How You Can Trace Our Wiring To It’s Quality Sources

    High Quality Wire From Ormiston WireAs we move into an arguably more ethical age, understanding where your products come from has become central to the consumer experience. It’s why the advert for your breakfast bar boasts that it’s all-natural, and why the guy in the indie coffee shop you visit tells you about the beans he sourced from Central Africa.

    Underneath this need for greater transparency in the sourcing of produce lies a broader understanding of the world around us, knowledge that every consumer should take at least a little more responsibility for the items they buy.

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