• Exceeding Expectations: How You Can Trace Our Wiring To It’s Quality Sources

    High Quality Wire From Ormiston WireAs we move into an arguably more ethical age, understanding where your products come from has become central to the consumer experience. It’s why the advert for your breakfast bar boasts that it’s all-natural, and why the guy in the indie coffee shop you visit tells you about the beans he sourced from Central Africa.

    Underneath this need for greater transparency in the sourcing of produce lies a broader understanding of the world around us, knowledge that every consumer should take at least a little more responsibility for the items they buy.

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  • Revisiting our role in the magic of Thunderbirds

    Thunderbirds Revival With Ormiston WireIt’s already been over 50 years since Thunderbirds first hit our TV screens, but the recent anniversary has proven that viewers still can’t resist its charm. The 2015 CGI reboot won legions of new fanatics, as well as sparking a nostalgic celebration from those who’ve been watching since the 1960 debut.

    And it would appear that fans of the first series are thoroughly enjoying their trip down memory lane. This year has seen the original Lady Penelope puppet sell for an astonishing £19,000 in auction, in addition to the exciting premiere of Thunderbirds 1965.

    Funded by a Kickstarter campaign which raised hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations, the filmmakers have created three new episodes, each in the original style and based on audio recordings of the first series’ cast. It’s a tasteful tribute to the now classic animation technique of Thunderbirds.

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  • The industries achieving the perfect look with our wiring

    Ormiston-Wire-Wire-AestheticsAppearance isn’t everything when it comes to wiring. What matters most is the integrity of your build and how
    effectively your wiring is implemented. But what if you’re building a new hotel and want it to look clean and pristine?
    Or you’re sculpting an eye-catching art piece and don’t want wires taking pride of place on your work?

    We know that strength and integrity shouldn’t compromise the appearance of wiring, a material that (unless otherwise stated by a client) should be as subtle as possible, disappearing in a structure like a chameleon on a rock.

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  • Ormiston Wire reveals secrets of successful store lighting

    Wire for LightingOrmiston Wire, the global expert in wire and specialist wire applications, has released a new white paper packed with tips and advice for achieving the best lighting solutions. This white paper looks at the issues involved in specifying wire for lighting and provides a useful guide for anyone planning the specification and commissioning of a new lighting installation.

    The paper discusses key specification issues such as establishing the right location and level and how these considerations are affected by issues such as safety and aesthetics. Weight – the number one issue when it comes to hanging lights – is covered, while examples are given to illustrate how environmental and safety standards may dictate specific materials.

    The paper not only offers readers advice on the wire itself but also the fittings. Modern tool-free clamps offer discreet ways of attaching fittings to suspension wire and can keep the installation adjustable, depending on whether the business would prefer staff to be able to make their own adjustments.

    “The key safety consideration is, of course, weight, but wires and fittings can now be supplied that not only suit load-carrying capacity but are also finished to a style that suits the environment,” explains Mark Ormiston, Managing Director, Ormiston Wire. “For example, we can supply a high-end retailer with chrome-finished fittings that complement the environment or, at the other end of the scale, a rugged solution for a warehouse-style store.”

    Ormiston Wire offers a wealth of experience in providing wire for lighting, and can provide businesses with advice and assistance in specifying the right wire for any application.

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  • Ormiston Wire reveals how to specify wire for art and sculpture

    Ormiston - Wire for art and sculpture

    Ormiston Wire, a global expert in wire and specialist wire applications, has released a new, free white paper offering a guide to specifying different types of wire for art and sculpture. The paper will help students and established artists specify wire to ensure correct usage in both the structure and suspension of their art.

    Wire used in art and sculpture breaks down into two types: that which is used for the suspension of artworks, and wire that is used in the structure of the sculpture itself. The free white paper focuses on these types of uses of wire in art and on how different properties can produce a variety of results.

    The paper also concentrates on the use of wire by successful British artists today. This includes Barbara Franc, who uses wire in structures to create stunning animal displays with recycled materials, and Thomas Heatherwick, creator of the Olympic Cauldron, the sculpture that held the Olympic flame during the London 2012 games, who uses wire for suspension purposes.

    “Wire can be specified to create a wide range of different artistic effects while meeting the physical demands of the installation,” explains Mark Ormiston, Managing Director, Ormiston Wire. “By working with a wire specialist that provides a wire specification service, artists are able to not only satisfy any weight constraints of the art, but also find the correct wire to ensure they accomplish the visual effect that they were aiming for”.

    To download the white paper for free, please click here

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