• Job Megalo-Done! — Hanging With A Prehistoric Shark


    With 225 years of technical expertise, we’re always up for a challenge at Ormiston Wire.

    But when artist Suzanne Lynas  sought our advice on the best components for hanging a Megalodon shark from the ceiling of the Essex Wildlife Trust’s Naze Centre, we thought she might have bitten off more than she could chew.

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  • Ormiston Wire’s Efforts To Help Raise Funds For The Royal British Legion

    Royal British Legion Ormiston Wire Scultpure


    Our armed forces are an indispensable part of British society. But when they return home, care and support for our ex-servicemen and women is almost critically underfunded.

    Up to 9,000 army veterans are thought to be homeless, while many others struggle to find a new job that’s sympathetic to the skills they’ve accrued in the military.

    While these are big issues at any time of the year, they fall into sharp focus on November 13th – Remembrance Sunday.

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  • Revisiting our role in the magic of Thunderbirds

    Thunderbirds Revival With Ormiston WireIt’s already been over 50 years since Thunderbirds first hit our TV screens, but the recent anniversary has proven that viewers still can’t resist its charm. The 2015 CGI reboot won legions of new fanatics, as well as sparking a nostalgic celebration from those who’ve been watching since the 1960 debut.

    And it would appear that fans of the first series are thoroughly enjoying their trip down memory lane. This year has seen the original Lady Penelope puppet sell for an astonishing £19,000 in auction, in addition to the exciting premiere of Thunderbirds 1965.

    Funded by a Kickstarter campaign which raised hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations, the filmmakers have created three new episodes, each in the original style and based on audio recordings of the first series’ cast. It’s a tasteful tribute to the now classic animation technique of Thunderbirds.

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  • Celebrating Our Special Connection with Brunel University

    Brunel University - Ormiston Wire Partnership“We’ve always maintained a special relationship with universities and the students studying at them, providing them with the materials they need to create ambitious art projects or civil engineering feats.
    But we can offer a lot more than fantastic wiring to the next generation of people on the employment ladder. With our wealth of experience and high-profile contacts, we can provide valuable industry experience for anyone with an interest in engineering and design.

    That’s exactly what we’ve done in partnership with Brunel University, helping students in engineering and design enjoy our wellspring of advice and promote fresh ideas in the wiring industry.

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  • Ormiston Wire celebrates the Bard with latest sculpture

    Ormiston Wire Helping Create Shakespeare CelebrationThe indelible mark that Shakespeare has left on society never quite fades, but every now and again it becomes more visible. As we mark the 400th anniversary of the prolific poet and playwright’s death, discussions about his influence have dominated the media and further cemented his place in the firmament of British culture.

    Prince Charles joined a host of actors who played Hamlet to deliver his comical variation on the “To be or not to be” speech. Sir Ian McKellen gave a lecture to a packed BFI film theatre to describe the impact that Shakespeare has had on his life. David Tennant (himself an alumnus of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)) even appeared on US talk shows to discuss the virtues of language in Shakespeare, who coined over 1700 words in his lifetime.

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