• Sector: Heat transfer
  • Region: UK

Heat transfer

At Ormiston, we have unrivalled expertise in the complex field of heat exchange. We have manufactured wire turbulators since 1968 and have developed our own patented looped-spiral design. These are manufactured in our Redditch factory and they have many advantages over Fin or Spiral sheet metal types.

The density of the turbulator can be varied to suit the liquid or gas flowing through the tube to give maximum excitement and heat transfer coefficient, with a minimum loss of pressure. This economises on the length, diameter or number of tubes required per unit and allows flow pumps to be kept to a minimum size.

Mini heat exchangers
Mini heat exchangers

The application

We were approached by a new customer who was seeking to solve a particular heat transfer problem with a piece of machinery.

The Ormiston solution

Drawing on our considerable expertise in this field, we designed and manufactured a bespoke mini wire-wound turbulator. With a series of loop turns, this had an outside diameter of just 3mm, as compared to the 6 to 16mm of our existing ranges of turbulators.

The outcome

Following successful trials with an initial prototype we received an order to produce and supply a further quantity of these mini turbulators for ongoing trial purposes.

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