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Ormiston Wire reveals secrets of successful store lighting

Ormiston Wire, the global expert in wire and specialist wire applications, has released a new white paper packed with tips and advice for achieving the best lighting solutions. This white paper looks at the issues involved in specifying wire for lighting and provides a useful guide for anyone planning the specification and commissioning of a new lighting installation.

The paper discusses key specification issues such as establishing the right location and level and how these considerations are affected by issues such as safety and aesthetics. Weight – the number one issue when it comes to hanging lights – is covered, while examples are given to illustrate how environmental and safety standards may dictate specific materials.

The paper not only offers readers advice on the wire itself but also the fittings. Modern tool-free clamps offer discreet ways of attaching fittings to suspension wire and can keep the installation adjustable, depending on whether the business would prefer staff to be able to make their own adjustments.

“The key safety consideration is, of course, weight, but wires and fittings can now be supplied that not only suit load-carrying capacity but are also finished to a style that suits the environment,” explains Mark Ormiston, Managing Director, Ormiston Wire. “For example, we can supply a high-end retailer with chrome-finished fittings that complement the environment or, at the other end of the scale, a rugged solution for a warehouse-style store.”

Ormiston Wire offers a wealth of experience in providing wire for lighting, and can provide businesses with advice and assistance in specifying the right wire for any application.

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