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Ormiston Wire: Our Commitment To Sustainable Development


After President Trump’s controversial exit from the Paris accord, it was heartening to see how quickly business leaders from around the world voiced their concerns and disapproval.

Industry may not have always had the cleanest environmental record, but the recent outrage is a clear sign that change is already well under way.

As is certainly the case at Ormiston Wire, where a comprehensive environmental policy has long been at the heart of our business.

In light of the current political climate, it’s more important than ever to reaffirm and share our commitment to sustainable development.

Improving our energy efficiency

Over the past few decades, we’ve worked hard to make every step of our business, from sourcing materials right through to our administrative services, as green as possible.

This started in 1991 when we moved from an inefficient factory into new, modern premises.

But since then, we’ve implemented a variety of different tactics to improve our energy efficiency, including:

  • Installing a high-efficiency gas boiler and push taps in all bathrooms to reduce water usage.
  • Fitting lights with motion sensors so they can’t be left on unnecessarily.
  • Sourcing power from a renewable energy supplier.
  • Putting in plastic skylights to reduce our dependence on artificial lighting.

None of these measures were hard to accomplish, but they have helped to build an ethical ethos amongst our workforce that’s had a significant impact on our environmental footprint.


Continuing our recycling initiative

Convinced we could still do more, though, we next set our sights on improving our waste management.

We set up a scheme to encourage customers to return used reels to us and focused on recycling or repurposing packaging. Now we no longer rely as heavily on landfill or skips to get rid of waste.

As well as allowing us to do our part for the environment, these energy-efficiency and waste-reducing measures have helped save our business a lot of money over the past few years.

And they’ve also won us both a Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development and a Hounslow Best Green Business Award.

We’re very proud to have received this recognition for our past work, and we aim to always maintain and champion sustainable development going forwards.

To find out more about these awards and our sustainable development commitment, follow these links:

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