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Exceeding Expectations: How You Can Trace Our Wiring To It’s Quality Sources

As we move into an arguably more ethical age, understanding where your products come from has become central to the consumer experience. It’s why the advert for your breakfast bar boasts that it’s all-natural, and why the guy in the indie coffee shop you visit tells you about the beans he sourced from Central Africa.

Underneath this need for greater transparency in the sourcing of produce lies a broader understanding of the world around us, knowledge that every consumer should take at least a little more responsibility for the items they buy.

But every purchase you make with terms like Fairtrade on the packet aren’t only ways to buy responsibly. They’re also a mark of quality from companies, a sign that they only want the best for their consumers.

Above and beyond the industry standard

Almost all industries understand that consumers want to know that each constituent element of their product can be traced back to a quality source. And it’s exactly why we’ve invested time ensuring that the origin of every part of our wiring can be fully accounted for.

We conform to ISO-9001, an international standard used by more than a million organisations. Not only is it the most widely used quality management system in the world, it’s also a way to make sure we exceed the quality you’d expect.

Sourcing every part of our wiring

To make sure you know everything about the wire you buy from us, we provide each of our products with a batch code which can be used to trace every element of our product, so you know you’re purchasing the high-quality products you’d expect from us.

Each individual piece of wiring is placed through rigorous stress-testing procedures after being made, using a wide variety of machinery to ensure that it’s up to par before its sold. A company doesn’t, after all, gain an ISO-9001 certification without proving their products are of the highest quality. To find out more about the ISO-9001 application process, visit their site.

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